Jokkmokk Camping Skabram


Skabram Camping is an excellent base for those who want to go out and enjoy nature. With many beautiful hiking trails just around the corner, the possibilities are almost endless. There is a short (1km) trail in the forest just by the camping for those who want an easy morning walk, or for those who need to take their dog for a quick walk. There are also several other hiking trails for those who preffer to walk longer. During august and september it is also possible to pick berries in the vicinity of the camping.


Directly from the campsite color marked hiking trails enter the vast forest. These hiking trails take you along picturesque lakes, to beautiful viewpoints and beautiful picnic areas. There are hiking trails in different lengths, so there is something for everyone.

Jokkmokk Camping Skabram

Klipptjärn (white / red 1.6 km)
This is the easiest route to reach the resting place at Klipptjärn. A hiking trail that is easy to walk on without large height differences.

Södra åsleden and Norra åsleden (white / blue or yellow)
The Södra and Norra Åsleden are 1.1 km and 0.8 km respectively. They are short but hilly paths in mostly real 'forest', fortunately the view is good, a journey that can also attract younger walkers.

Tsakim-turen (blue 2.8 km)
This route goes through changing nature. A piece of typical northern landscape. There is a resting place on the eastern shore of Lake Tsakim. From the lake to the "Länk" comes a steep slope.

Hollandleden (white / green 1.8 km)
This route starts from Skabram Camping & Stugby. The route runs through the swamp where parts are equipped with gangways. Then it connects to the route Tsakim-turen where the routes follow each other briefly. At the junction the Hollandsleden then climbs up into mixed forest. There are beautiful mountain hills on higher, drier ground.

Getbergsstigen (white / black 2.2 km).
This route through the forest has a pretty steep climb on Getberget. It is more than worth the climb to the top because once on top of the Getberget you can enjoy an amazing view. After this high point you follow the Getbergsstigen over an elongated easy hill in a fine pine forest back towards Klipptjärn.

Skabram Getberget

At the lake "Talvatis" in the middle of Jokkmokk and only a few kilometers away from Camping Skabram & Stugby there are a number of beautiful hiking trails.
Take the "Margitberg" route, for example. This route is a relatively easy climb to the top of Margitberget. On the Margitberg plateau, the path runs through fine and dry pine forests.
Also the route "Bryllesvängen" is recommended, this route is stretched over forest roads, paths and light flood paths, so that the variation is abundant. When the weather is nice, a detour along Storknabben is not entirely wrong, the view is miles away and definitely recommended to see the midnight sun.

Jokkmokk Camping Skabram

This route is 7.7 km long and extends through the residential areas of Jokkmokk, from Skabramsjön via Talvatissjön and on to Luleälven. Along this route there are 20 information boards about nature and culture.

Jokkmokk Camping Skabram