Jokkmokk Camping Skabram


Skabram Camping & Stugby is located on the Stor Skabram lake. The lake is very popular both in summer and in winter. 
You can fish for pike, perch and roach. Several pikes of more than 10 kg have been caught here! 

Behind the lake Stor Skabram lies the lake Lill-Skabram, also in this lake you can fish for pike, bass and roach. 
Especially the roach fishing is popular here. This lake also has a shelter with a fireplace.

Well-known fishing areas such as the Pärlälven are also easily accessible from Skabram Camping & Stugby. 
Pärlälven is one of the last undeveloped rivers in the municipality of Jokkmokk. 
The river has the nature of the forest river and is dominated by grayling, but trout can also be found in the fresh water of the river. 
The total fishing distance of the river is approximately 50 kilometers. A part of the river is exclusively reserved for fly fishing. 
Along the entire river there are a number of shelters and fireplaces that can be used by fishermen and hikers who need protection and warmth or just rest for a moment. 

Of course there are besides Pärlälven many other fantastic places to fish and all at a good distance from Skabram Camping & Stugby. 
In the central parts of the municipality of Jokkmokk there are a number of beautiful fishing waters that are managed by the Jakt och Fiske Jokkmokk association. 
The largest part of Pärlälven is also managed by this association. They are responsible, among other things, for the maintenance of these waters and for the fish population. 
To be able to fish in these fishing waters, a fishing license is required. The permit can be purchased at the reception of Skabram Camping & Stugby. 
These are already for sale from 50sek per day (children up to 16 years are free).

For more information, please refer to the website of the Jakt och Fiske Jokkmokk association: